Refresh your skin



24karat gold tretman

The most luxurious treatment with pure 24 carat GOLD and mud from the Dead sea. Relaxing treatment, which will make your skin radiant, toned and supple.

Since ancient times, the well known pharaoh of Egypt, Cleopatra, used gold to maintain a young appearance and perfect skin. Now in the center of Belgrade you can enjoy the same treat in our Dead Sea Beauty mini spa center.

Dead sea and minerals

It is well known that the Dead Sea is the largest natural spa in the world. The Dead Sea is popular among tourists from all over the world because of its therapeutic effects. The water of the Dead Sea contains 29% salt, compared with 4% in the oceans. Such concentration allows the body to float.

  The minerals found in the Dead Sea are very different from ocean water minerals. The Dead Sea minerals are very unique and cannot be found elsewhere. Dead sea mud and water are rich in  minerals such as iodine, calcium, zinc, magnesium and other for a total of 26 minerals.

And much more…

In addition to treatment with 24 carat gold, we are offering treatments with pure hyaluronic acid and collagen that will rejuvenate your skin and make it beautiful. Also you can indulge yourself with wide range of  face and  body treatments,  including anti-cellulite massage, detox treatments and full pampering of  2 and a half hours.

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Dead Sea Beauty offer you the opportunity to experience the unique benefits of the Dead sea. Through wide range of treatments, you will feel completely relaxed and at the same time provide excellent care of your skin. You will adore the results that you will see on your skin.Visit us, enjoy and be proud of your skin.

Little advice

Dear ladies,as you know our wish for success and finding yourself in businesses world brings a lot of stress and fast living. Products that we used before now are not good enough to complete stressed skin care. You will agree that beautiful and nourished skin with honest smile is the prettiest make up that woman can wear. By all that beauty and pharmaceutic companies are developing new solutions and start using different technologies so they can satisfy our skin needs. All that is not enough if you dont use it on proper way or dont treat your skin by its needs. Visit us for consultation, getting advise about YOUR skin type and its care. Find perfect solution and make your skin adorable.